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British Airways is ranked as one of the worst airlines in 2024

British Airways ranked as one of the worst airlines in 2024

Which? Magazine members have rated British Airways as one of the worst short-haul and long-haul airlines in 2024.

Out of 22 short-haul economy airlines, only 4 airlines rank worse than British Airways and these are Vueling (also an IAG subsidiary), Iberia (also an IAG subsidiary), Ryanair and Wizz Air.

The best short-haul economy airlines are Jet2, Icelandair and Norwegian.

Out of 17 long-haul economy airlines, American Airlines rank the same as British Airways, 2 airlines rank worse than British Airways and these are Air Canada and Lufthansa.

The best long-haul economy airlines are Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic.

British Airways also have the worst last minute cancellation rate of all the airlines included in the survey at 3.3% of flights.

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British Airways fined for failing to refund flights after Covid cancellations

British Airways Fines Over Covid Cancellations

British Airways has been fined US$1.1 million for failing to refund flights after they were cancelled during Covid.

The British Airways website apparently instructed passengers to call via phone to discuss refund options but it is almost impossible to reach anyone by phone at British Airways "Customer Service" as I have been personally aware since 2007.

Other misleading advice on the British Airways website led passengers to inadvertently apply for vouchers instead of a refund.

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British Airways Sued Over Travel Vouchers

British Airways Sued Over Travel Vouchers

A British Airways passenger has successfully taken British Airways to court to obtain a cash refund after her flight was cancelled by the airline due to Covid restrictions.

During Covid, many airlines offered vouchers as compensation for cancelled flights but vouchers are often difficult to redeem and are useless to travellers who may have missed a specific event and no longer wish to fly.

Hopefully British Airways will now offer a cash back option without passengers having to take court action especially since they are now profitable again after the pandemic.

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Time to Rethink Your Travel Plans if you are Planning to Fly British Airways this Summer

Heathrow Terminal 5 Baggage Reclaim

Travellers planning to fly with BA this summer might like to rethink their travel plans after BA staff have voted to strike over unfair pay and conditions.

BA are accused of using fire and rehire practices during the pandemic to reduce wages.

Staff are keen to have this pay cut reversed especially after all the abuse they have endured from irate customers during the pandemic and a spate of IT failures.

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Update: It appears at least some stike action has been averted after a pay deal has been struck with workers.

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